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Luminous Vortex Crystal Flame Lamp.

Luminous Vortex Crystal Flame Lamp.

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Introducing the "Luminous Vortex Crystal Flame Lamp" 🌟 – a charming and versatile lighting solution that adds warmth 🌈 and colour to your space. It's simple to use, stunning to look at, and perfect for any room 🏠.

**Colour Variety** 🎨: Choose from 3 or 16 vibrant colours to match your mood or décor. The 16-color version comes with a handy remote control 🎮.

**Material** 💎: Made with beautiful acrylic crystal, it's durable yet elegant.

**Easy Power** 🔌: Just plug it in with the 5V/1A power supply. It's also USB-chargeable for lighting on the go 🔋.

**Dynamic Light Play** 💫: Enjoy a calming water ripple effect that transforms your walls into a soothing light display. Perfect for relaxing evenings at home 🏡.

**USB Charging** 📱: No need to worry about fixed power sources. Charge it up and take it wherever you need.

**Colour Modes** 🌟: With options for different light colours, set the perfect tone for any occasion.

**Innovative Design** ✨: Using special 3D technology, the lamp creates a dazzling array of colours that are sure to impress.

**Ideal Gift** 🎁: Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or a birthday, this lamp makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift for your loved ones.

Enhance your living space with the "Luminous Vortex Crystal Flame Lamp" – where elegance meets convenience 🌟.





Shape: Rectangle

Is Bulbs Included: No

Item Type: Night Lights

Colour: 3/16 colours

Specification: No remote control/remote control

Material: Acrylic crystal wood

Power supply: 5V/1A

Power supply mode: USB plug in






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