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Mini Star Rocket Night Lamp

Mini Star Rocket Night Lamp

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1.Eco-friendly PP cotton delivers comfortable and skin friendly touch feelings, odorless and safe to make your desired cloud shape.
2.Cute cloud shaped LED night lamp illuminates soft lighting effect and adds romantic and warm atmosphere for your home, flexible to hang on walls or stand on the table.
3.Supplied with a replaceable button cell, powerful for continuous enjoyment, long lasting performance.
4.Adorable gift to spend time together and share DIY happiness with your kids or friends, also can be used as a decorative light after completion.

How to make it?
Step 1:Prepare all the materials
Step 2:Use an awl to poke a hole in the mineral water bottle
Step 3:Thread the thread into the mouth of the mineral water bottle and then pull it out from the mouth of the bottle
Step 4:Tie the thread and fix it so that both ends of the bottle are fixed in place
Step 5:Four fishing lines are tied equidistantly on the bottle body (used to link water drop shaped felt and fix them with tape
Step 6:Knead the cotton into a ball
Step 7:Drop the glue on the bottle
Step 8:Glue the cotton, cotton balls cover the bottle evenly, then hang up to adjust the overall shape, appropriately increase the amount of cotton
Step 9: Take out the water drop shaped felt, through the reserved fishing line and knotted and fixed
Step 10:Organize the light strip, put the light string into the bottle mouth and the beautiful DIY cloud light is completed

DIY Led Light Night Lamp Handmade Cotton Cloud Shape Lights Hanging For Birthday Gift Home Bedroom Indoor Lighting Decorations


1.Material: PP Cotton, Felt, Non-woven Fabric
2.Light Colour: Blue / Warm White (Optional)
3.Felt Colour: Blue
4.Fish Wire Length: 80m
5.Package Size:
16cm x 19cm/7.8" x 7.8" (Approx.)

6.Accessory: 1* Light Strip (Battery not Included), 8* Water Drop Shaped Felt, 1* Awl, 1* Empty Water Bottle, 1* Fish Wire, 1* Transparent Adhesive Tape

Package Included:

1 * DIY Handmade Cloud Light Set

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